About Us

Live like a local. Feel at home. 

At Check-In Point we specialise in the management
of rental properties in Zagreb for shorter and longer term,
(from 3 days up to 3 years).
With an exuberant, youthful perspective on the tourism industry, our team has a wealth of experience and expertise to match.
Our overarching philosophy is to meet the highest standards of hospitality and professionalism with every individual we encounter.
Whether you've walked in off the street, had a recommendation from friends, family or simply stumbled upon us in your quest to find the best, we'll help facilitate your stay!
Our team speaks your language and that enables us to be accountable and transparent.
By having more than 100 listings, we can optimise prices to ensure all of our clients get incredible, affordable accommodation.

Ice Park from above by night - D. Rostuhar